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Various neurological procedures are available to patients of AFFILIATED NEUROLOGY CENTER. Among them:

Some of these procedures are more than 2000 years old, some have been used for less than 15 years. Most importantly, all of them are proven to be safe when administered by qualified personnel and are approved for use in medical practice.

Neurological Physical Therapy is another efficient tool that your doctor may recommend. Physical therapists work with patients who have a neurological disorder or orthopedic injury that is causing pain or loss of mobility, strength, coordination or balance.

Patients recovering from neurological problems, such as a disease of the spine or a brain disorder, start by working toward basic goals and then move toward more advanced, work-related skills. Treatment methods include massage, spinal traction, electrostimulation, biofeedback, ultrasound, muscle-strengthening techniques, coordination activities and home exercise programs.

These treatment techniques (as well as others, like aqua therapy) may complement medication therapy, as will be specified by the doctor in your customized treatment plan.

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