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Erik Ensrud
Can computers read your mind?
Neurology 64: E30-31E.
Janyna M. Mercado, and Robin Hilsabeck
Untreated hypertension can lead to memory loss by cutting down on blood flow to the brain
Neurology 64: E28-29E.
David Knopman, and Janet Jankowiak
Recovery from dementia: An interesting case
Neurology 64: E18-19E.
Madeline C. Fields, and Steven R. Levine
Clot-busting therapy helps stroke victimsóbut only if they get treatment in time
Neurology 64: E1-2E.
Kimberly Hutchison, Ramon Cuevas, and Janet Jankowiak
Restless legs: Do they keep you awake?
Neurology 63: E21-22E.
Robin L. Brey
Long-term obesity is linked to loss of brain tissue
Neurology 63: E19-20E.
Jacob Levitt, Patrick Cochran, and Janet Jankowiak
Attacks of immobility caused by diet or exercise? The mystery of periodic paralyses
Neurology 63: E17-18E.
Janet Jankowiak, and Elizabeth Roaf
"Itís just a ding, Coach; I can play"óBut should he?
Neurology 63: E15.
Karen C. Richards
The risk of fatal car crashes in people with epilepsy
Neurology 63: E12.
Janet Jankowiak
Too much sugar may cause "brain decay"
Neurology 63: E9-10E.
Robert A. Gross, Barry E. Gidal, and Alison M. Pack
Antiseizure Drugs and Reduced Bone Density
Neurology 62: E24-25E.
Jeffrey Fletcher
Treatment and quality of life for people with ALS
Neurology 62: E22-23E.
Pranathi Kondapaneni
Does the percutaneous closure of patent foramen ovale help the migraine sufferer?
Neurology 62: E20-21E.
Santiago Restrepo
New treatment alternatives for Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy
Neurology 62: E10.
Maria Aguilar
Multiple sclerosis treatment: Some safety issues to keep in mind
Neurology 62: 8E-9E.
Adam R. Blanchette
Surgery for patients with Parkinson disease
Neurology 62: 6E-7E.
Edwin Trevathan
The diagnosis of epilepsy and the art of listening
Neurology 61: 13E-14E.
Robin L. Brey
Cigarette smoking and multiple sclerosis (MS): Yet another reason to quit
Neurology 61: 11E-12E.
Russel L. Thompson
Menopause and brain function
Neurology 61: 9E-10E.
Charles Akos Szabo
Complementary / alternative medicine for epilepsy
Neurology 61: 7E-8E.
Eric Eross
Daily headaches due to medication overuse
Neurology 60: 8E-9E.
Steven Lovitt
Treatment of postherpetic neuralgia
Neurology 60: 6E-7E.
Stephen L. Holliday, and Robin L. Brey
Memory problems after epilepsy surgery
Neurology 60: 3E-5E.
Janet Jankowiak
Brain Attack: Dial 911
Neurology 59: 10E.
Hassan Ghani, Donald Stevens, Jackie Weiss, and Richard Rosenbaum
Vitamins and the Risk for Parkinsonís Disease
Neurology 59: 8E-9E.
Dennis Bourdette
Depression is a treatable cause of suffering among multiple sclerosis patients and can result in suicide
Neurology 59: 6E-7E.
Janet Jankowiak
Depression may be another risk for Alzheimerís dementia: Your doctor can help
Neurology 59: 4E-5E.
Anne D. Leonard, and Robin L. Brey
Blood Pressure Control and Stroke: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
Neurology 59: 1E-2E.


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